Borrowing sugar is just an excuse

Always horny, big tits Samantha is born with a greedy, wetter than crap vagina which never stops throbbing for big, stiff shafts. She's been patiently waiting around for her neighbor to come home so she can go over and borrow a cup of sugar! But trust me, that is just one of her usual excuses! Who does she think she's really fooling, we already know what this dick possessed babe wants. Yeah that's right... his enormous cock in her mouth and way deep inside her needy snatch. And she never leaves hungry either, because she always makes sure to swallow every last semen drop from the cumshot. At the rate this bitch is going, this dude will be plump out of sugar in no time!

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Length: 07:42

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Added: 2015-12-29 17:24:54

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