Has her cake and eats it too

Holly is waking up after a whole night of cheating on her unsuspecting boyfriend with one of her many lovers. Her man has been away on a week long trip and when she hears him calling her name after arriving home she shushes her lover to gather his clothes and get the hell out of there. She goes downstairs to greet him like nothing out of the ordinary has happened. This unfaithful bitch should win an Oscar for her performance of showing absolutely no guilt or shame as to what she is engaging in behind his back. Even when he gets down on his knees and proposes to her, she still stays in character of a loving and faithful women. Acctually this big tits brunette considers herself one of the smartest women around because in her warped mind she thinks she figured out a way where she can still have her cake and eat it too. Well, lots of good luck with that you stupid slut.

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