Twice The Relaxation

These two sexy babes have been best of friends since kindergarten.Throughout their years growing up together they always shared in everything they had. From barbie dolls and teddy bears to adorable dresses and sweet tasting candy. When they reached their teenage years they still shared equally in everything. But it wasn't quite the same stuff they use to share with each other. No, now all these chicks have on their sex infested, porn addicted minds is to share sex toys and hunky, well-hung men. But there is one thing they will never give up for any dude, and that is how they warm up and get ready for hardcore sex action. So let's go and find out what kind of naughty sex stuff they are up to right now! Ah, it looks like they are sneaking into that sexy, new neighbors house. Hand in hand they open the sliding door and then begin to french kiss and feel each other up a bit. Well, actually we have a bit of inside information for you. This big tits redhead and her curvy blonde girlfriend have already made up a plan. After they sneak into his house they will put on a striptease show and then have some awesome girl-on-girl action in hopes that he will walk in on them. They act all surprised and embarrassed when they see him watching, but in their book everything is going according to plan. And these horny chicks won't waste one single second because they are all over his very impressively sized dick in a jiffy. After giving him each a mouthwatering, balls deep blowjob the redhead jumps on top to ride him cowgirl style. Then it is the blonde babes turn to get nailed doggy-style while the other one eats her wet, tasty cunt. And like we already told you, they share in everything... and that even means when it comes to a creamy, yummy cumshot!

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