Couch surfing Alex

Freckled face, redhead teenager Alex Tanner has been couch surfing for a couple of days since her parents throw her out for letting boys into her bedroom during the night. Well, she did get a couple of warnings from her dad but it went on deaf ears. Anyway, she has mostly been staying over at her girlfriends houses but tonight she decided to hang out with the new student in her English class. She has had her eye on him for a couple of weeks and is really interested in finding out how large his penis can get when she sucks it. Alex already has a bad reputation around the camp for being rather lose with her continuously thumping pussy, so when the dude opens the door they hit the bed right away! In under a minute they are both naked and he is on top of her sucking her hard nipples and fondling her tiny tits. She wants to show her romantic side with some french kissing before having him finger and toungue fuck her as a poor effort of trying to clean up her reputation a bit. But she knows she is a dirty little bitch who loves to give blowjobs a fuck like there's no tomorrow. And a big reason why she has to screw so many times a day is really not her fault at all! Her greedy snatch just loves to be penetrated and naughty Alex just loves those mind blowing, stronger than crap orgasms that usually comes in no less than three in a row.

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