Fella gets sexually rewarded for cleaning up!

A bearded guy is laying on the sofa when his pretty, brunette fiance named Cleo walks in and finds the whole kitchen in a total mess. Instead of yelling at him she decides to peel her curvy, big tits body out of her jeans jacket and short skirt as motivation for him to start cleaning. He does an amazing job, and in her book good behaviour should always be encouraged and rewarded. So she gives him an aggressive, shaft growing blowjob filmed in awesome Pov style, then mounts his hard rod to grind her shaved, pinky slit on it. After being slammed from behind and missionary, she sticks out her tongue so she can gobble down on her creampie full of semen.

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Length: 07:42

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Added: 2015-10-12 17:34:45

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