Daydreaming Babysitter

This brunette, teen babe loves to daydream about all kinds of naughty sex when she's not working as a babysitter to make some extra, much needed cash. This morning she's fantasizing about one of the fathers whose kids she sometimes babysits for. Under a pile of daisy dukes she finds the white, cotton shirt she stole from his closet a couple of days ago. Her mind starts wandering, and all she can think about is having sex with him. But for now she calms her tight, teen snatch with her beloved, high powered vibrator. All of a sudden the dream seems to materialize as she can feel his strong, tanned hand touch her lily white shoulder. Her most inner desires are fulfilled as he not only permits her to give him a tight lipped blowjob... he also fucks her in every sex position imaginable until they both have orgasms together at the exact same time. It's been a few hours since all this happened, and she's still not quite sure if it was all a dream or...!!!

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( Report Spam ) Anonymous wrote 1042 days ago:

A million thanks for posting this infimratoon.

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Can you get blacops 3 hacks on this?

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